Hi, I'm Isaiah Hinkler.  

I am a user experience designer,  graphic designer, researcher and artist living at the crossroads between design, technology, art, and compassion.

Here's some of the work I'm most proud of.

Lined paper with hand written stories on them.

Research Project: Collaborative New-Patient Intake Design

I conducted a three month study through the lens of experience design to co-create an improved new patient intake process and healthcare literature with the LGBTQ+ community and local healthcare services. 

My Role

I was the lead 
researcher and sole designer for the 3 month project.

Main Goal

Use participatory design methods to improve on current healthcare literature.

Public Installation: 
Theatre For You

I worked on a three month place-making project culminating in a full scale temporary public exhibition at the University of Sydney's Footbridge Gallery, Tin Sheds Gallery, and Westmead Children's Hospital.

My Role

I worked as an equal member of a three person team, with a focus on creative design and project management.

Main Goal

To to transform a pedestrian thoroughfare into an engaging and interactive space through a hybrid of art and UX design. 

A projection on a wall of a person made up of little shapes from the 'Theatre For You' project.

Case Study:
Atlassian Feedback App Design

I built a prototype for a Feedback app based on a design brief set by Atlassian, to encourage co-workers to give feedback in a less formal, more frequent way.

My Role

Sole designer on a

5 month project as part of a Master's degree.

Main Goal

To produce a cross platform application design that facilitates effective, low-stress feedback opportunities between co-workers.

A 'wireflow' diagram of the relationship between screens on a draft of a mobile phone app.

Looking for some of my visual work?

I also pride myself on my illustration, graphic design and other visual medium skills. Click the link below to browse my works. 

Nice to meet you.

Thanks for taking the time to read over my portfolio!

Now that you've seen some of my work, why not get to know a bit about the person behind the projects?

A photo of Isaiah Hinkler smiling at the camera.